If I had to describe my father in one word, that word would be consistent. He’s consistent in his walk with God, in his loyalty to family, in his compassion, in his viewpoints, and in his role as provider. This quality, among many others, makes me proud to call him “Dad”. I’ve always felt a certain amount of pressure with being the only daughter of a well-known Bishop. But the older I become, the more I realize that his role of “Father” was just as important, if not more important than his role of “Bishop”. Never once, did I feel as though my father judged me because of my shortcomings. He has always uplifted and encouraged me and will continue to do so, even when I face new challenges. And I know this as truth because he’s been consistent thus far, and I love him for that.

Keira Iman Banks

My dad is my hero, because he is very intelligent. He takes care of me when I need help. He is a brave man, because he is fearless. He is willing to give to other people. He makes me feel fantastic when he supports me in everything I’m involved in.

My dad loves me no matter what and I love him back always.

Jordan Imanuel Banks

Congratulations to Bishop Steven W. Banks on your new book, Healing the Father-Wound. We live in a world that hurts and hates because of the wounds of fathers. In Luke 9:11 we are given a very powerful image of Jesus’ desire to heal. “And the people, when they knew it, followed Him: and He received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing”. I trust every one of us will receive help and healing through the revelation of this book, Healing the Father-Wound.

Christian House of Prayer Ministries and
Presiding Bishop, Covenant Connections International, Inc.

Steven Banks has written an insightful and accurate description of a key psychological issue that affects most members of our society today. The Father-Wound, as he describes it, is something I see and address frequently with patients. Steven’s approach is compelling and full of practical wisdom to help people heal and be whole.

Psychologist, Author and Television Commentator

Having done extensive counseling and hosted many marriage conferences, I have witnessed first-hand the devastation of the fatherless generation. I believe Bishop Banks is being used of God to put his finger on one of the primary dysfunctions facing the Christian home.

Redemption World Outreach Center, Greenville, SC

Healing the Father-Wound can lead to a better understanding of our internal emotional conflicts, and provide a path for a more fulfilling relationship with our significant other. Through Bishop Banks’ work we gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of fathers’ affirmation in the healthy development of their children.

Marriage and Family Therapist

I am so excited to write this endorsement because I believe that Bishop Banks has tapped into an area of the spirit that will truly release years of pain and bring deliverance to the blood line of many. God has blessed Bishop to be able to give name to the generational dysfunction of many. I dare say that almost everyone has been affected by a Father-Wound directly or indirectly. This is not just a book but an eternal offering to God. We celebrate that this offering has a high call to heal wounds, bring peace and manifest clarity for all who will embrace the truth in which it releases.

The Mount-Chesapeake, VA

In his book, Healing the Father-Wound, Bishop Steven Banks, not only identifies the wounds, but through spiritual precision and acute attention, provides healing and hope for a world with Father-Wounds. This work is not just theory, but a testament to the authenticity of the principles of Fatherhood that Bishop Banks has provided for my own life. Get ready to be fathered from woundedness into a new place of wholeness.

Through the Word Bible Fellowship, Chester, PA
National Director, Living Waters International Alliance


Bishop Steven Banks provides a reflective look at the effects of not having the affirmation of your father. This is a heartfelt book for any and everyone – fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and even mothers. This insight is much needed for the Body of Christ.

Harvest Life Changers Church, Woodbridge, VA

Early in my career, I was an attorney working in the family courts in New York and had a chance to see first-hand the physical effects of absentee fatherhood manifested in the form of extreme juvenile delinquency (rape, robbery assault, and teen pregnancy). Bishop Steven Banks is a true prophet of God who, in his new book, has tapped into an area of great concern for the body of Christ and filled it with the word of God and revelation to heal the sin-sick soul.

Global Justice Ministries

Bishop Steven Banks has written a superb book that should be required reading for anyone interested in restoring the hearts of the fathers to their children… In very descriptive and stylistic language, Bishop Banks has captured a culture that has been tucked-away and un-exposed for too long. This well-written book exposes our ontological wounds and our existential bruises as it addresses the brokenness millions have endured at the hand of absentee fathers. This important work is a game-changer for those searching for answers in the often complex world of father­-son/father-daughter relationships.

Martin Street Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

I believe that through the revelation shared within the book, God has allowed Bishop Banks to expose the root of many challenges that people are facing today. Regardless as to whether you would characterize your relationship with your father as positive or challenging, the relationship has an effect on where you are today. This book, Healing the Father-Wound, is critical and paramount to your success.

Mount Gilead International Full Gospel Ministries,
Richmond, VA

What a timely masterpiece addressing the epidemic and impact of the absence of fathers in the lives of their children. Bishop Steven Banks definitely heard from God and recorded the words in this book entitled Healing the Father-Wound. As a result of reading this book, the hearts of fathers will be drawn to their sons and daughters and the hearts of the children will be re­connected to their fathers. This book is more about restoration and healing than exposing the symptoms or flaws of men. Read it and be blessed!

Charlie Ammons, Asst. Pastor
Living Waters Christian Fellowship, Newport News, VA

Healing the Father-Wound, is a book with Apostolic foundations - tearing open the prison doors, rescuing the captives, revealing our emotional dis-eases, so as to begin the healing process. In his book, Bishop Banks masterfully reveals the hurts from absentee, emotionally withdrawn or abusive fathers. Sadly, we haven’t known where to go…..Bishop Banks supplies wise direction.


In a fatherless world where men abdicate their roles and shun their responsibilities, gaping wounds, as a result, have occurred, creating hurt in the hearts of men and women, causing them to hurt others. This book, Healing the Father-Wound articulates the societal ills such as abuse, abandonment, and addictions, and brings forth healing for the inner soul. I am convinced this book will navigate you into a life of wholeness. Read with GREAT EXPECTATION!

Founder/Pastor of Life Harvester Church International Outreach

Healing the Father-Wound is a practical resource to begin the journey towards emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is a tragedy that many in our communities and churches believe that ignoring a wound by pretending it is not there will allow it to heal on its own. Although that strategy may work for minor emotional and spiritual wounds, it is not effective to ignore a gaping wound that impacts a person’s sense of self and how they relate to others… Through this book, the readers will be able to identify the problem, symptoms, and treatment to begin the active process towards emotional and spiritual healing.

Clinical Psychology Resident

One of the greatest pandemic and the gravest problems of this generation is the absence of fathers in so many families across the globe. However, there is an uncompromisingly desperate need across every culture, tribe and tongue for a healthy father-figure in the lives of each and every individual son and daughter. Bishop Banks has put forth a significant and comprehensive study of this most imperative subject, providing practical solutions and taking a biblical and balanced approach that shows us how to identify, reckon with, and heal some of the deepest wounds of our lives.

Synod of the Independent Christian Churches of Asia
Asia International Ministers (AIM) Fellowship

Bishop Banks’ book is the antidote to many of the ills in society that has caused men and women to fall short of their destiny in life. Healing the Father-Wound exposes the genesis of the hurts and pains that many of us have tried to camouflage through exterior outlets, such as drugs, sexual addiction, among other vices; without seeking a permanent cure. Bishop Banks through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and his personal experiences has provided every lost man or woman an opportunity to gain restoration and redemption suffered from their fathers. I applaud Bishop Banks for courageously addressing an issue that many men and women find too sensitive to confront due to the emotional and psychological wounds that have been perpetual since childhood. To that end, Healing the Father-Wound pardons the wounds and provides emancipation to a generation of wounded adults who can truly ascertain their identities and attain the goals that have been preordained by our Heavenly Father.

Attorney Melvin Wright Jr.


In a time where some father's are absent but desperately needed, Bishop Banks has done an awesome job in writing this book and revealing to us the importance of having a fatherly connection. We all know someone with a father wound or have experienced it ourselves. This is a powerful read and must be shared with every man that's a father or father to be, for it will touch his life and many generations to come.


John C. Green
Sr. Pastor
Victory By Faith Church



“Fathers certainly have the ability to either effect positive or negative influence on their children. Bishop Banks has laid out a very detailed and exhaustive statement on how fathers can use their God-given position to truly show our Heavenly Fathers’ heart and how we can as fathers follow His example.”


Pastor Randy Gilbert
Faith Landmarks Ministries
Richmond, Virginia



Healing the Father Wound is a timely, God inspired book which speaks to the silent pain that many people suffer flowing from a rupture in the father child relationship. As we turn to God for guidance and forgiveness of our own short comings, we can in love forgive imperfect fathers who like all of us fall short.


Jonathan K. Stubbs, J.D., LL.M., M.T.S.
Professor of Law, University of Richmond School of Law